3 Common Cat Fears

Do you have a scaredy-cat on your hands? Our feline friends can be rather skittish at times. It turns out that there are a few things that most cats don’t like; let’s take a closer look in this article from a Rochester, NY vet.

New People

When a stranger comes to your home, it’s likely that your cat is immediately wary. She might even dart off and hide! Most of our feline friends don’t take kindly to strangers invading their space, but given a bit of time, they’re likely to warm up to the new presence.

Loud Noises

Almost any pet––your cat included––doesn’t like a loud noise. Whether it’s a motorcycle rumbling by outdoors or a metal pot crashing to the floor in the kitchen, it’ll probably send your cat scattering for cover! Your cat will probably take a few minutes to compose herself until she comes back out from hiding.


Most felines don’t enjoy being transported in their carrier, much less in the car. Try to get started as early as possible with transport so your cat grows up used to it.

Want more information on your cat’s behavior? Call your veterinary clinic Rochester, NY  today for help!

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