3 Ways to Show Your Dog You Care

Your canine companion offers you many things—love, loyalty, amusement, and companionship just to name a few. Why don’t you give your dog something in return? Luckily, it doesn’t take much to show your pooch that you care! Learn more here from an Aurora, CO veterinarian.

Great Food

Let’s face it: all dogs love food. Giving your dog a great meal every day is one perfect way to show that you care. Ask your veterinarian about a high-quality diet choice that is appropriate for your dog’s age, weight, and breed. Don’t forget to check on the proper portion size so that you’re not overfeeding Fido.

Fun Play

Playing with your dog isn’t just good for his health because of exercise—it lets your dog release pent-up energy and give his mind a healthy workout, as well. Make sure to play with your pooch on a daily basis; use a favorite toy or simply romp around on the floor. Your dog will thank you!

Proper Healthcare

There’s just no better way to show your dog that you love him than by keeping him healthy with regular veterinary care. Schedule your dog’s next office appointment at your Aurora, CO vet clinic today!

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