How to Address Cat Scratching

Scratching is a behavior very natural to cats. They use it for play and for exercise. In nature, a cat’s claws are essential for hunting and climbing. Feline declawing can be a touchy subject but there are a number of ways that you can focus your cat’s behavior to appropriate scratching so as to not ruin your house. As always, check with your Poway veterinarian. Here are a few methods to help with this:

  1. A good manicure.

Without a doubt, a professional groomer is a wonderful option for keeping your cat’s claws in check, especially at your Poway animal clinic. Professionals have very handy tricks as well as the appropriate tools to really do an excellent job. It can be very time consuming to trim your own pet’s claws. Thus, if you chose to do it yourself, remember to stay on the cutting edges of the claw, to take it one claw at a time, and to take just a little off the top. Going too far can touch the nerves and blood vessels which is painful.

  1. A solid scratching post.

A tall and sturdy scratching post will allow your cat to explore all of its scratching desires! Cats love to stretch when they scratch. If you are having a particular problem with a certain piece of furniture, try to find an exterior which mimics it. Remember that cats scratch both horizontally and vertically, so try to accommodate both, and in a variety of materials. Check with your Poway vet clinic for more ideas. This will save your furniture dearly!

  1. Try to deter the behavior.

There are many different things which can help to discourage scratching surfaces. Try to affix double-stick tape if possible. Other things such as bubble wrap and even some citrus scents can help to push your cat’s interest onto something else. Once it has given up on your furniture, it will probably find the scratching post a welcome sight. Your Poway animal hospital can offer more insight.

  1. Don’t give up!

Encouraging and discouraging behavior isn’t always an easy task. It might take a little while to both find the material your cat finds suitable and train it to prefer one thing over another. Don’t let it get you down. Ask your Poway vet. It’s very possible to train your cat to exercise its scratching instinct in more positive ways. As always, if you’re running into trouble, you can always check with your local vet clinic for more ideas. There are many classes geared toward animal behavior, check out some possibilities online, or with your Poway vet clinic.

No matter what, remember that your cat is special and deserves to be treated like anyone else in your family. It might take a little work, but it will be very rewarding to see it play in a way that is best for everyone. For more information, check out your Poway veterinarian for more information on your cat’s scratching.


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