Air Travel With Pets

Air travel with pets can be complicated. If you do have to transport your animal friend by plane, though, it’s important to make a few considerations so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Learn more here from a veterinarian Crown Point, IN.

Airline Policies

Research the policies of the airline you’ll be flying with before your trip starts. Not all airlines allow pets, and those that do may impose restrictions based on breed, size, and other factors. Some pets are able to be carried along in the cabin, while others must be transported in specialized areas away from human passengers.

Choosing Your Flight

If you’ll be flying with your pet, try to choose a direct flight; this minimizes the chance of a lost pet. Don’t schedule flights during extreme temperatures; this will keep your pet as comfortable as possible throughout their journey.

Check the Destination

Remember to check that your destination allows pets, whether that’s a hotel, rented home or apartment, or a family member or friend’s house. You don’t want to fly all that way to find out that your pet isn’t welcome there!

To learn more about flying with your pet, contact your vet Crown Point, IN.

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