Airborne Bird Hazards

Birds’ lungs are very efficient—as such, they’re very susceptible to airborne hazards! Here, your Scottsdale, AZ vet tells you about some of the most common airborne dangers to keep your bird away from.

Nonstick Cookware

When nonstick coatings on pots and pans—namely, Teflon—are overheated, they release particles into the air. These particles can prove deadly to a bird, even in a matter of a few short minutes. To be safe, use regular pots and pans instead of nonstick cookware.

Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning products like bleach, ammonia, general household cleaners, glass cleaner, polishes, floor cleaners, and more give off fumes when they’re used. It’s always safest to move your bird to another area of the house when you’re cleaning. Allow all fumes to dissipate entirely before returning your feathered friend to their normal area.

Scented Products

Do you use air fresheners, perfumes, scented candles, or incense in your home? Exercise caution, because these items could be dangerous for your bird. Only use these products if your bird is safely secured elsewhere in the house.

Do you have further questions about your bird’s safety? Give your Scottsdale, AZ veterinarian’s office a call to learn about more potential bird hazards.

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