Alternatives to Dogs and Cats

What if your children want a pet but they’re just too young for a lot of responsibility? What do you do if you might want some sort of companionship but might be disabled? And what if you just have a desire to “buck the trend”? The answer is in alternative pets!

Gerbils & Hamsters

A very low-maintenance pet is a gerbil or hamster. They are incredibly low maintenance, which is why they are often selected for “class pets” at various schools. They provide an opportunity for kids to get used to the responsibility of owning a pet without doing too much too quickly. Your Fort Collins vet will have plenty of advice on these pets.


Another option is a ferret. Ferrets are easy to take care of and can provide hours of entertainment for young people. Beware, though, ferrets do require “ferret-proofing” of your house!


Frogs and salamanders can offer excellent pets as well in a more aquatic environment. They are fairly easy to care for and are also hypoallergenic.

Contact your local pet clinic fort collins for the best advice on alternative pets.


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