Am I Ready to Adopt?

People make having a dog or a cat look like easy street. Whereas it’s true that pet ownership opens up your life to a rich experience, it’s important to assess whether or not you’re ready to adopt one of your own. Check with your Olathe, KS vet for more.


It’s important to total up the cost of food and vet bills on a monthly basis. Do you have this available as regular cash flow? For recommendations on just how much to account for, check with your Olathe, KS vet.


Are you away from home a lot? Would the dog spend a lot of time in isolation? These are important considerations to keep in mind when making the consideration. Talk to your Olathe, KS vet about what breeds are best for your lifestyle.

Other Possibilities

You can often times volunteer at local shelters. If you don’t have either the funds or the time available, this is an excellent way to still “scratch that itch” of wanting a dog of your very own.

For the best information on what to expect when looking for a new furry family member, check with your Olathe, KS vet.

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