Animal Shelter Myths

Likely because of the nature of their work, animal shelters—and the pets inside of them—aren’t always seen in the best light. Don’t believe everything you hear! Learn more below from a Tri-Cities, MI veterinarian.

Animal Shelters are Dirty

This isn’t true. Animal shelters and rescue facilities must be kept to a high standard of cleanliness and sanitation, because without it, it’s all too easy for dangerous and contagious diseases to spread amongst the pet population. In addition, the pets inside of shelters aren’t dirty—they’re cleaned and clipped upon arrival.

Shelter Pets Are Old

Many people think shelter pets are old and unwanted, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Pets of all ages are found in shelters—take a look at your local facility to see for yourself.

Shelter Pets Are Poorly Behaved

Some make the mistake of thinking that pets wouldn’t end up in shelters if they were well-behaved. This isn’t true, because pets don’t come to shelters just because of behavior issues. Other problems, like unplanned breeding and abandonment, are much more common reasons that pets find themselves in shelters.

If you have further questions about the adoption process, contact your animal hospital Tri-Cities, MI.

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