Answers to Pet Insurance FAQs

Did you know that you can purchase insurance for your pet? In the same way that you insure your health, car, home, or valuables, you can have that same peace of mind with your animal companion. Learn more here as your vets Wichita, KS answers your most common questions. 

How Does Pet Insurance Work, Exactly?

Pet insurance works just like other types of insurance that you’re probably used to. You’ll pay a premium on a monthly, bi-yearly, or yearly basis, and have a set deductible to reach before the insurance begins paying. Generally speaking, it’s quite affordable. 

What Does Pet Insurance Cover? 

Different pet insurance plans cover different things. You might find “catastrophe” style plans, which only cover major incidents or coverage for more routine medical care. There are also plans that cover prescription medications, wellness checkups, alternative medicine like acupuncture, and more. 

Is Pet Insurance Worth It? 

Ultimately, it’s up to you and your family to decide if pet insurance is worth it. It’s especially helpful for pets with pre-existing conditions or senior pets, as well as young pets, but it can benefit just about any animal companion and their owners. 

Learn more by contacting your veterinarian Wichita, KS.

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