Assembling a Pet Emergency Kit

Emergencies are frightening for many reasons, one of which is this: you never know when they might happen! As such, it’s best to be prepared. Here, your Crown Point, IN vet tells you what to include in your pet’s emergency kit.

First-Aid Essentials

Most of your pet’s kit will be comprised of first-aid essentials like bandages, adhesive tape, gauze, a disinfectant, tweezers, scissors, a styptic pen or powder to staunch bleeding, etc. Consult your vet to find out what other first-aid items to include.

Medical Records

Medical records are very important should you have to take your pet to an unfamiliar doctor or clinic. In a waterproof bag, put your pet’s recent medical forms, proof of vaccinations, proof of ownership, and any other relevant information. These can be true lifesavers in certain situations!

Pet-Specific Medications

Does your pet take any medications on a regular basis? Pack a supply of these in the emergency kit, and check their expiration dates periodically to see if they need replacing.

It’s also a good idea to pack important phone numbers, like that of your vets Crown Point, IN. Call today to find out what else to include in your pet’s emergency medical kit.

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