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Don’t Believe Cat Myths

There are many common myths regarding our feline friends, likely thanks to their rather mysterious nature. It’s important that you don’t believe everything you hear! Below, your veterinarian Rochester, NY gives you the lowdown. Cats Always Land Upright Cats, like most other pets, can slip and fall, potentially injuring themselves seriously. Even the most graceful

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The Importance of Grooming for Dogs

Grooming is about much more than simply helping your dog look their best, although it does that quite well. Grooming offers many benefits! Learn more here from your Frisco, TX veterinary professional. Skin and Fur Health Brushing and bathing help to remove grime from your dog’s skin and fur, effectively preventing skin infections and other

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Guinea Pig Care 101

Guinea pigs make wonderful little pets; are you considering adding one to your ranks in the near future? Here, your Michigan City, IN veterinarian goes over the basics that you’ll need to know for keeping your pig happy and healthy. The Cage Guinea pigs will need a wire-mesh or glass cage that is large enough

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