Banishing Pet Odors in the Home

It’s not uncommon for our homes to start smelling a bit like our pets. If you’d like to banish animal odors and get your home smelling fresh again, use these tips from your Fort Myers, FL veterinarian.


Your pet is the source of the odor, so that’s where you should begin. Groom your pet daily with a feline- or canine-specific brush; this will help remove loose and dead hair and moisturize the fur with natural skin oils, reducing shedding and keeping skin and fur healthy.


There’s simply no substitute for regular vacuuming and dusting. Run the vacuum over your carpets and furniture at least once a week. Dust regular and clean surfaces where pet hair and dander may accumulate, such as windowsills or corner spots.

Odor Neutralizers

Spraying air fresheners in your home will mask scents for a while, but it won’t get rid of them. Odor neutralizers, on the other hand, combat the enzymes that actually cause odors. Pick up pet-specific odor neutralizers at retail outlets, pet shops, and some vets’ offices.

Would you like a recommendation on a pet brush or an odor neutralizer? Call your veterinarian Fort Myers, FL today for more helpful advice.

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