Bathing Your Puppy

Do you own a puppy? Bathing is an important part of his or her care routine! Below, your Indianapolis, IN vet gives you three easy steps for bathing your young canine companion.

Gather Supplies

Gather everything you’ll need by the sink or tub where you’ll be bathing Fido. You’ll need a canine-formulated shampoo (available at pet supply stores and various retail outlets), a large towel, and a few tasty dog treats.

Rinse and Lather

Fill up the sink or tub with an inch or two of lukewarm water. Place your puppy in the water, allowing him to get used to the sensation, and then rinse the body gently with more lukewarm water. Now, dab a small amount of the shampoo onto your dog’s fur and lather it through. Take care to avoid the face area; focus on the body, limbs, and tail area instead.

Rinse, Dry, and Reward

Once Fido has been thoroughly shampooed, rinse him off with more lukewarm water. Gently dry him off with the towel, then be sure to offer a few dog treats for a job well done.

Would you like more information on your puppy’s grooming requirements? Give your Pet Clinic Indianapolis, IN a call today.

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