Boarding Your Feline Friend

If you’ll be away from home for only a day or two, you can probably just have someone look in your cat. But if it’s an extended time away from home, you might have to board your feline friend. Below, your vet Rochester, NY gives you a few tips onboarding your cat.

Visit the Facility

First, always make sure to visit the facility in which you’ll be boarding Fluffy ahead of the big day. Take a look around the grounds and make sure that the facility seems modern, up-to-date, and safe. The boarding facility shouldn’t have a strong odor of pets, and the cats should be housed well away from where dogs are kept.

Talk With The Staff

Don’t hesitate to talk with the staff at the facility to get details on the place’s processes and procedures. After all, you want to be completely comfortable with the people you’re leaving your pet with!

Bring Kitty’s Items

When it’s time to drop your cat off, make sure to bring along a few of her favorite items, like toys and a comfortable bed, to impart a sense of familiarity.

For more advice onboarding your cat, contact your veterinarian Rochester, NY.

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