Brushing My Cats Teeth? Seriously?

One of the most serious yet overlooked elements of feline health is her teeth. This tends to surprise many people, but they can often be a huge determining factor in your cat’s quality – and quantity – of life. Check with your Poway vet clinic for the best advice.


Brushing your cat’s teeth allows you the special insight into her mouth. Inflamed gums could be an indicator of gum disease or even some other ones. Make sure and if you see this that you contact your Poway vet clinic immediately to prevent anything from getting worse.


By brushing your cat’s teeth, you are helping its oral health as well as its immunity. The mouth is the most common source of entry of viruses and bacteria. A clean mouth can prevent some of this. Check with your Poway vet clinic for more.

Ultimately – it will save you a great deal of money! If you would like to know more about proper dental hygiene for your cat, simply ask your Poway vet clinic today. Better teeth today will all but guarantee your cat a better tomorrow.


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