Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth

Dental problems are common amongst our domesticated cats. Don’t let your feline friend fall into dental troubles—use these tips from your Columbia, MD vet to brush your cat’s teeth:

Gather Supplies

First, gather everything you need in one place. You’ll need a feline-formulated toothpaste and a specialized cat toothbrush. Also have a few cat treats on hand to reward your cat after brushing.

Get Cat Used to Brushing

Before using the paste and brush, simply try massaging your cat’s teeth and gums with your finger. If necessary, wet your finger with a bit of chicken broth to entice your cat. This way, your cat will become used to the sensation of brushing so it doesn’t take her off guard when the real thing comes.

Clean the Pearly Whites

Now, you’re ready to start brushing. Add a small dab of paste to the brush, lift back your cat’s gums, and gently scrub one tooth at a time. Try to finish each tooth off with a final downward swipe to fully remove plaque.

Would you like a recommendation on a good cat toothpaste or brush? Does your cat need professional dental care? Call your vet clinic Columbia, MD today for help.

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