Can Cats Drink Milk?

Cats and milk seem like a good coupling. You may have even given your cat milk to drink in the past. Did you know that milk and cats don’t actually mix? Read on as your New Orleans, LA veterinarian clears up the confusion.

Why Milk Isn’t Good for Cats

It turns out that most adult felines are lactose-intolerant. This is the same condition that many humans have, and it means that there isn’t enough lactase in the gut to digest lactose, milk’s main enzyme. Too much milk will make most cats experience vomiting or diarrhea!

Milk and Kittens

You might wonder about kittens, who need milk during the nursing stage. This is true—kittens require the mother’s milk or a synthetic substitute for proper growth early on in life. As they age, though, a cat starts to produce less lactase in the gut. By the time they’re grown up, a cat is probably completely lactose-intolerant!

Other Types of Dairy

What about another dairy, like cheese or yogurt? These foods contain less lactose, but too much can still make your cat sick. Dairy just isn’t worth the risk!

For more information on your cat’s diet, call your vet New Orleans, LA.

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