Can Cats Eat People Food?

No doubt your cat is interested in whatever you’ve got on your plate. Is it okay to give him a bite? It depends on what the food is. If you’re concerned about what your cat eats, consult with your Aurora, CO vet clinic.


Some human food is okay for cats. Most cooked meats, eggs and fish are safe. Whole grains and veggies are fine, too, but cats may not like them. Check with your Aurora, CO vet clinic before giving these to your cat.


Contrary to popular opinion, pasteurized cow milk isn’t safe for cats, since they are lactose intolerant. Neither is tuna or liver in large quantities. Onions and garlic can diminish cats’ red blood cells. Grapes can harm their kidneys. Unsurprisingly, they should also stay away from alcohol and caffeine. Your Aurora, CO vet clinic can provide you with a more comprehensive list.

Common Sense

Cats may want something that isn’t safe for them. If you’re unsure about it, don’t let them have it. If you wouldn’t eat it yourself, it’s probably not safe for Fluffy either. If your cat becomes ill after eating, talk to your Aurora, CO vet clinic.

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