Can My Pet Get a Rash from Poison Ivy?

Poison ivy is a common irritant for humans, especially in the warmer months. But have you ever wondered if it can affect your pet the same way? It turns out that pets can get poison ivy just like you, but it’s not often something you have to worry about. Learn more here from vets Washington DC. 


A red, itchy rash on the skin is the main symptom of poison ivy in pets, just like it is in humans. This is most likely to appear on areas of the body that aren’t completely covered in fur, like the paws or nose area, and it can sometimes progress into swelling or blistering. 


If your pet is suffering from a rash thanks to poison ivy (or poison oak or sumac!), you’ll want to call your vet to ask how to proceed. Most of the time, pets can be bathed in medicated shampoos or oatmeal shampoos in order to get rid of the irritating substance, known as urushiol. 


While outdoors, watch out for plants with shiny leaves in groups of three. Remember the rhyme “leaves of three, let them be.” 

Learn more by calling your vet clinic Washington DC today.

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