Can Owning a Dog Improve Your Health?

Our dogs sure are a lot of fun. Did you know that they can also improve your own health? What’s not to love? Below, your Marietta, GA veterinarian tells you how Fido may actually keep you healthy.


Since almost all dogs require multiple walks per day, the average dog owner gets good exercise on a daily basis. Some might even power-walk or jog with their canine companions! It’s a great way to burn calories and stay trim.

Less Stress

Studies show that pet owners, on the whole, are less anxious and stressed than those who do not own pets at all. This might be because of the loving, loyal presence of your dog—having a trusted friend to confide in whenever you need makes all the difference!

Heart Health

Likely because of a combination of the above factors, it’s been shown that many dog owners have better heart health than their non-dog owning counterparts. With a lower stress level and regular exercise, you’re contributing to lower blood pressure and lowered risk of heart attacks and strokes!

Does your dog need veterinary attention? Don’t delay—we’re here to help. Set up an appointment today with your pet clinic Marietta, GA.

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