Can Pets Fly?

It’s set – you’re on your way from New York to California to visit family and you want your dog Ned to tag along. Can he fly? If so how? When it comes to pet traveling, your Indianapolis vet clinic can offer some wonderful suggestions.


First off, understand that if you take your pet on an airplane, there are many rules which must be followed. One of the biggest factors is space available. How big is Ned? What are his particular needs when getting on the airplane? Your Indianapolis vet can help here.


It’s very rare that your pet is going to be allowed in the main cabin – unless, of course, Ned is a service dog who has federal protections. Even then, though, it is imperative that the dog be able to remain calm and fit under the seat. Make sure you contact the airline to find out what your options are. Check with your Indianapolis vet for advice.

When traveling with your pet, it is a personal call as to whether or not the trip is important enough to warrant your dog flying too. If you need assistance, check with your pet clinic Indianapolis.

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