Care Tips for Senior Dogs

Is your dog entering her golden years? Senior dogs have different care requirements than younger pets. Learn more below from your Westlake Village, CA veterinarian.

Specially Formulated Diet

A senior dog’s nutritional requirements differ widely from a puppy, or even a middle-aged dog. Make sure your elderly canine companion is eating a specially formulated senior diet that is appropriate for her age and breed. Your veterinarian can offer a recommendation, so call the clinic today.

Pet Ramps

Your senior dog probably doesn’t have as easy of a time getting up on furniture or trekking up the stairs as she once did. Buy or build pet ramps to serve this purpose. These structures will make your pet’s life a lot easier, and your dog will thank you!

Help with Grooming

Dogs aren’t the self-groomers that cats are, and this couldn’t be more true than in regards to senior dogs. Brush your senior dog daily to smooth tangles and keep the fur properly moisturized with natural skin oils. You can also bathe your dog occasionally, using a specially formulated canine shampoo.

Does your aging dog need veterinary care or vaccinations? Set up an appointment at your animal hospital Westlake Village, CA today.

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