Care Tips for Small Dogs

Do you own a pint-sized pup? Small dogs have very specific care needs! Your Crown Point, IN veterinarian, goes over the basics below:

The Right Diet

A small dog’s nutritional needs are quite different than those of a large-breed dog. Make sure that your pup is eating the right diet! Check with your veterinarian to get a recommendation on a high-quality food formulated specifically for small dogs.

Exercise Tips

Is your small dog a brachycephalic breed, like a pug, bulldog, or a Boston terrier? These diminutive pups with squashed noses and bulging eyes have extra-special care requirements. They may need a particular grooming routine to keep the folds around the face clean. Plus, they can’t be overexerted while exercising—it’s easy for them to become overheated and experience respiratory distress.


It’s all too easy for smaller dogs to dart out of a cracked door, escaping into the great outdoors. This is why it’s important that your small dog is outfitted with ID tags around the collar, a microchip, or both. Call your vet right away if your dog is in need of these identification measures.

Want more advice on caring for small dogs? Call your vet Crown Point, IN.

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