Caring for a Deaf Pet

There are many problems and complications that our beloved pets can endure in their lives. Sometimes, they are from birth, others simply develop over time. Remember that regardless, compassion is always key. How do you notice if your pet might be deaf? And what do you do about it? Ask your Poway vet for more information.

How to Tell

Often times, pets will react to loud noises like sirens, alarms, or even the television. If your pet doesn’t seem responsive to these things or even to your call, it could be an indicator. If your pet exhibits these signs, try contacting a Poway vet.

What to Do

If your pet is deaf, it is important to try to be more visual and tactile with it. Check with your Poway vet for ideas. This is because it could be startled by strange touches and it is best to get your pet used to them so that they do not lash out. Keep the pet indoors as much as possible, as it isn’t able to defend itself against others as easily and often times cannot hear danger approaching. For more advice, ask your vets Poway.

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