Caring for Your Aging Cat

Is your cat getting along in years? Older cats need our love and attention to stay happy and healthy. Use these tips from a vet in Marietta, GA to keep Fluffy happy as she navigates her senior years.

Senior Diet

All older cats should be fed a specially formulated senior diet, made specifically for the nutritional requirements of aging felines. This keeps their body functioning normally as they age and provides all of the essential nutrients they require. Ask your vet to recommend a great senior diet for your pet.

Around the House

Make sure your feline friend has plenty of cozy napping spots around the house—our cats love to sleep, and this won’t change as your pet ages! You may also consider purchasing pet ramps or stairs to help Fluffy up and down staircases or up onto her favorite piece of furniture.

Veterinary Visits

Now more than ever, it’s important that your vet sees your cat on a regular basis. This will allow your veterinarian to catch any health concerns early, and administer treatment before the issue can develop further.

Make an appointment at your vets Marietta, GA today. We’re here to help as your cat ages!

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