Caring for Your Senior Dog

Is your dog getting up there in age? Senior dogs need our love and attention during their golden years! Allow your veterinarian Newmarket, ON to give you some quick tips on caring for your senior-aged dog.

The Proper Diet

Did you know that the nutritional needs of a senior dog are different than an adult dog’s, and especially from those of a puppy? Make sure your older dog is eating a diet that suits his age—ask your vet to recommend a great senior formula for Fido.

Regular Light Exercise

Your older dog still needs exercise! Make sure to get your pooch moving on a daily basis with a light jog in the backyard or a quick walk around the block. Keeping your pup moving is important for preventing obesity, staving off arthritis pain, and much more.

Veterinary Checkups

Last but not least, make sure you get your senior dog checked out at the vet’s office on a regular basis. Any health concerns can then be caught early on, allowing for treatment before things are able to progress into something more dangerous.

Want more advice on caring for your aging dog? We’re here for you. Call your animal hospital Newmarket, ON.

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