Does My Cat Need a Collar?

Having a collar for your cat is really important (and in some places the law). So what type of collar is best for your cat? It is important to talk to your Indianapolis vet clinic about this as they can offer some of the best advice. But these are some basic guidelines:


Many people make the mistake of getting a dog collar for a cat. This can be disastrous as the collars for each serve different purposes. Dog collars are meant to stay on the dog and prevent the dog from escaping them. Cat collars, though, are meant to offer an escape route in the event it catches on something while climbing or going into tight spaces. Dog collars can be potentially deadly to cats.


Just because your cat is microchipped by your Indianapolis vet clinic doesn’t mean that the microchip is 100% effective. It is good to still have a collar as a backup just in case.

In all of these instances, your Indianapolis vet will be able to advise you in the best practices for getting the right collar for your feline companion.


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