Cat Toys That Help Fluffy Lose Weight

Is your cat looking a little pudgy? Many of our feline friends are overweight. Luckily, you can help Fluffy start to lose the excess pounds simply by playing with her favorite toys. Here, your animal hospital Plano, TX tells you about some great toy options that can help your cat slim down.

Laser Lights

There’s a good chance your cat will love chasing after that pesky red dot that she can never seem to catch. Laser light toys are great for cats, and they get her moving for several minutes at a time. Just make sure not to shine the light directly in Fluffy’s eyes! 

Wand Toys

Most cats love toys that are on the end of a wand, allowing you to swing it around and entice your cat’s natural stalking and hunting instincts. Browse the selection of wand toys at your local pet supply shop. Fluffy will thank you! 

Treat Toys

Treat toys make your cat work for the treat. This engages her body and mind before she gets the reward. That’s a great way to offer a treat without adding on too many excess calories. 

Call your pet clinic Plano, TX for more advice on your cat’s weight loss.

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