Cat Traits

There are all sorts of cats in the world. Big ones, small ones, furry ones, hairless ones – the list goes on and on! So what sorts of traits are more or less universal among cats (besides stealing dog beds)? What really brings this whole family together under one roof? For more information on cats and their traits, check with your Upper Arlington vet clinic.

Sandpaper Tongues

This is one of the most unique elements that all cats, from lions to kittens, have in common. This is because all cats are carnivorous hunters. This trait allows a cat to both clean herself as well as scrape meat off of its prey. For more check with your Upper Arlington vet clinic.


All cats are hunters, without exception. This is why you might notice that an outdoor cat sometimes will bring a bird back to the house which she has killed. This is actually a way for the cat to “look out” for you – her family – by providing. For more, ask your Upper Arlington vet clinic.

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