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Don’t Believe Cat Myths

There are many common myths regarding our feline friends, likely thanks to their rather mysterious nature. It’s important that you don’t believe everything you hear! Below, your veterinarian Rochester, NY gives you the lowdown. Cats Always Land Upright Cats, like most other pets, can slip and fall, potentially injuring themselves seriously. Even the most graceful

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Stop Your Cat from Nibbling on Plants

Have you ever seen your cat nibble on a plant? It’s not uncommon amongst our feline friends! Of course, this habit can be dangerous if your pet decides to chow down on something toxic. Learn how to correct this behavior from a North Phoenix, AZ veterinarian. Restrict Fluffy’s Access Perhaps the easiest way to stop

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Preventing Hairballs in Cats

The occasional hairball is a part of life for most cats—after all, they ingest a lot of hair while grooming themselves, and what isn’t excreted in feces comes up naturally through regurgitation. If your cat produces excessive hairballs, though, it’s time to act! Learn more from your vets Marietta, GA. Grooming Brush your cat regularly;

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