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Why Are Antioxidants Important for Pets?

You’ve probably heard of antioxidants—they’re important for human health and are in many foods. Did you know that antioxidants are also essential for pets? Learn more below you’re your Savannah, GA veterinarian. They Keep Food Fresh Antioxidants do what their name suggests: battle oxidation. Oxidation happens when food is exposed to oxygen, which can break

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How to Help Your Pet Lengthen Their Life

Who doesn’t want to keep their animal companion around for as long as possible? By lengthening your pet’s life, you’re maximizing the joyful time you have to spend with them! Here are three tips from a Murrieta, CA veterinarian on helping your pet live longer: Preventative Care Prevent health trouble before it even begins—keeps your

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Antibiotics for Your Pet

You’ve probably heard of antibiotics, and have probably even taken them yourself. Did you know that antibiotics are often prescribed to pets as well? Your veterinarian Glendale, AZ tells you more about antibiotics for pets below. What Kinds of Illnesses Do Antibiotics Treat? Antibiotics treat bacterial infections in your pet’s body or on the skin.

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