Cats’ Ear and Eye Language

Cats speak with their whole bodies, but sometimes humans don’t receive the message. You can tell a lot about your cat’s mood by watching her ears and eyes. Your Niagara Falls, ON vet can tell you more about your cat’s body language.


A cat’s pupils narrow or dilate according to the light in the room. However, if your cat’s pupils are unusually narrow, he may be feeling aggressive. Your Niagara Falls, ON vet can help you train your cat to be less aggressive.

Unusually dilated pupils can also signal aggression, however, the cat may just be feeling playful. If your cat’s pupils are dilated for an unusual length of time, talk to your Niagara Falls, ON vet.


When your cat’s ears are pointed forward, he’s probably happy or relaxed. If her ears begin to swivel, he may hear something interesting. If they swivel backwards and become flat, this is a sign of anger or aggression, so be careful! If your cat is frequently agitated, he may have high anxiety. Your animal hospital Niagara Falls, ON will be able to help.

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