Chocolate Toxicity and Your Pet

Chocolate is one of the most dangerous—and most common—pet poisons out there. Below, your Portland, OR vet answers your questions about chocolate toxicity and your pet.

Why is Chocolate Poisonous?

Chocolate contains caffeine, which isn’t good for our animal companions, as well as a chemical called theobromine. These substances don’t agree with our pets’ systems, and can cause symptoms like weakness, drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, and even seizures and coma if poisoning is left untreated.

Is All Chocolate Poisonous?

Yes, all types of chocolate—milk, dark, white, semi-sweet, baking chocolate, powdered versions, etc.—contain caffeine and theobromine, so no chocolate is truly safe. This also goes for products that contain chocolate, like cookies or certain coffee drinks.

How Do I Prevent Poisoning?

Fortunately, preventing chocolate poisoning is as simple as restricting your pet’s access to chocolate and products that contain it. Instead of leaving such items out on countertops or the kitchen table, where a crafty pet might be able to swipe it down, store these foods inside the refrigerator or a closed cabinet where they belong.

Do you have further questions about chocolate and other human foods that could hurt your pet? Contact your Veterinarian Portland, OR.

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