Chocolate Toxicity in Your Dog or Cat

You’re probably aware that chocolate is one of the most dangerous pet poisons out there. It’s also one of the most common! To learn more about chocolate toxicity and your pet, read on as your Coon Rapids, MN veterinarian elaborates.


The symptoms of chocolate poisoning include excessive drooling, lethargy, depression, vomiting, diarrhea, and—without prompt treatment—potential collapse or even death. All types of chocolate can cause these symptoms, as well as foods that contain chocolate.


Rush your pet to the nearest veterinary emergency room if you see or suspect that they’ve ingested chocolate. The stomach may be need to be flushed, and activated charcoal might be administered to slow the toxin’s absorption. As your pet recovers, supportive therapies like fluid replacement might be necessary.


Obviously, it’s far easier and safer to prevent chocolate poisoning ahead of time. Do this by keeping all chocolate, as well as foods that contain chocolate, inside sealed containers or inside of closed cabinets. This way, your pet can’t get their paws on anything harmful!

Does your pet need veterinary attention? Would you like more information on chocolate poisoning and pets? We’re here to help. Call your veterinary clinic Coon Rapids, MN.

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