Choosing a Carrier for Fido

Almost every dog will need to be transported at one time or another, whether they’re going on a vacation or a trip to the vet’s office. How do you go about choosing the proper carrier? Find out below from a Scottsdale, AZ veterinarian.


Your dog should be able to turn around, sit, and stretch out in the carrier comfortably, so be sure to pick a size that’s appropriate. It may be helpful to take your pooch along with you when carrier-shopping. Remember: if you own a puppy, they might grow much bigger. Plan accordingly!


Check out the carrier’s latching mechanism and door function. If it’s too flimsy, a powerful dog may be able to bust right through it. Crafty dogs may even be able to undo poorly constructed locks.


All good dog carriers need ventilation slits along the sides or top of the carrier to provide good airflow when your pet is inside. However, slits shouldn’t be wide enough that your pooch could stick a paw or tail through.

Need help choosing your dog’s carrier? Want a recommendation on a good size and type? Call the professionals at your veterinarians Scottsdale, AZ we’re here to help!

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