Choosing a Dog Crate

At some point or another, you’ll have to transport your dog away from your home. A dog crate is the safest way to accomplish that—the question is, how do you choose the crate that’s right for your dog? Here, your vet Aurora, CO gives you a few pointers.


Of course, the first consideration you’ll have to make is that of size. You may want to bring Fido along with you to the pet store in order to help find a properly sized crate. Remember: if your dog is young, he may grow much larger in the coming years; choose a crate accordingly!


Check out your dog crate’s latching mechanism. If it’s made of flimsy plastic or could be easily reached by your dog’s paw, he may be able to get himself out of the crate. Be sure to choose a sturdy crate with a quality latch.


Make sure the crate you’re choosing has proper ventilation. There should be slits along the sides of the crate, as well as plenty of gaps in the front panel. However, these opening shouldn’t allow your dog to stick a paw through!

For more information, call your veterinarians Aurora, CO.

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