Clipping Fido’s Claws

All dogs require regular nail clippings. If claws are allowed to become extra long and sharp, the nails can fracture painfully or easily get snagged. To clip your dog’s claws safely and successfully, use these tips as discussed by your veterinary clinic Greenwood, IN.


Gather together everything you’ll need in a quiet, well-lit area to perform Fido’s nail trim. You’ll require a set of canine-specific nail trimmers (never use trimmers designed for humans or another animal!), a styptic powder or pen in case of any bleeding, and a few tasty dog treats.

Snip the Tips

It’s best to clip Fido’s nails when he’s calm and tired. Take one paw in your hand and focus on one claw at a time. When you’re ready, gently snip the tip of the nail—you’re only trying to blunt it. If you clip too far, bleeding will result. This is where your styptic powder will come in handy.

Repeat, Reward

After successfully clipping one nail, continue through the rest on that paw. When a paw is completed, offer your dog a treat before continuing on to the next paw.

Need help clipping your dog’s nails? Make an appointment at your pet clinic Greenwood, IN.

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