Coat Care Tips for Dogs

Your canine companion isn’t quite as good at grooming themselves as your cat is. Your pooch can use a little help in the coat care department! Below, discover three easy coat-care tips from a veterinarian Farmers Branch, TX.


Brush your dog on a daily basis. It removes grime from the skin and fur, and gets rid of loose hair. Brushing also spreads essential skin oils throughout Fido’s entire coat of fur, moisturizing it naturally and giving it a healthy shine. Ask your vet for a recommendation on the best brush type for your dog’s fur.


Bathing your dog with a canine-formulated shampoo is another great way to make sure your dog’s coat stays in peak shape. It cleans the skin and fur, removing grime that could cause problems later, and it helps your dog to smell their absolute best! For a recommendation on a great shampoo for your dog, contact your vet.

Quality Diet

Did you know that feeding your dog properly is another great coat-care method? The right nutrients means your dog’s skin and hair follicles stay healthy. That means a pristine coat of fur!

Schedule your dog’s next appointment with your veterinary clinic Farmers Branch, TX.

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