Cold-Weather Care Tips for Your Pet

Most of our animal companions aren’t well-equipped to handle cold weather. That’s where you come in! Use these tips from an Indianapolis, IN veterinary professional to keep your pet happy and warm when the temperature drops.

Indoor Time

The easiest way to keep your pet happy and healthy during cold weather is to limit outdoor time. If a pet stays outside too long, they’re at risk for dangerous frostbite and hypothermia. Your animal friend will be happiest indoors with you and your family.


One of the biggest hazards during cold weather is antifreeze. We add it to our cars’ engines to keep them running properly, but it’s a highly toxic substance to animals. Never use antifreeze around your pet, and store the chemical properly where pets can’t gain access.

Paw Care Tips

Wintertime can be hazardous to your pet’s paws. For one, cold surfaces can bother your pet’s sensitive paw pads. It’s also possible for your pet to track in antifreeze or road salt from the outdoors, which you don’t want them licking off later. Make sure to wipe down your pet’s paws whenever they come back indoors.

Contact your vet clinic Indianapolis, IN for more cold-weather care tips.

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