Combat Mosquitoes for Your Pet’s Good Health

Mosquitoes, as you probably know, are potentially harmful pests. They can transmit heartworms, not to mention dangerous diseases like the West Nile virus. So how do you keep your pet from harm? Use these tips from a veterinarian White Rock, TX.

Use Preventative Medicines

The simplest way to ward off the danger of mosquitoes is to keep your dog or cat on a heartworm preventative. This means that even when they do get bit by a mosquito, the heartworm larvae will be killed off very quickly. If your pet is in need, call your vet’s office today.

Do Some Landscaping

Mosquitoes love to breed in still or standing water, so get rid of any sources in your yard (birdfeeders, old tires, empty planters, etc.). Since mosquitoes are sometimes attracted by dense shrubs and thick grass, trim back this vegetation if it’s getting too long.

Time Exercise Right

Mosquitoes tend to be most active during the dusk and dawn. If you can, try to avoid taking your pet outdoors during these time periods to avoid the risk of them getting bitten.

To learn more about mosquitoes and the dangers they pose for your pet, contact your animal hospital White Rock, TX today.

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