Combating Your Dog’s Thunderstorm Anxiety

Many of our canine companions aren’t fond of thunderstorms. In addition to the loud booms and bright flashes, it’s thought that dogs may be able to sense pressure and static electricity changes in the air during thunderstorms! Here are three tips from a veterinarian Lafayette, LA to help your dog stay calm during the next storm.

Safe Space

Try setting up a safe space for your dog in a quieter basement room, complete with a bed, soft blankets, and a few favorite toys to bring your pooch comfort. Lead your dog to this area when a storm starts to roll in, and stay with him there until the bad weather has passed.


Desensitizing your dog to thunderstorms involves playing recordings of thunder at a low volume, then gradually increasing the volume over time to get your dog used to the sounds of summer storms. Talk to your veterinarian if you’d like to try such a technique on your canine companion.


There are a variety of products—clothing, calming sprays and drops, and more—out there designed to help keep dogs calm during storms. Ask your vet for a recommendation.

Call your animal hospital Lafayette, LA to learn more.

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