What to Consider When Boarding Your Pets

Vacations are a wonderful thing. Whether taking them in the sun of the summer or frosty parts of winter, they offer us valuable time to relax and recharge. Whenever we can, we love to take our pets along and let them join in with the family fun. But that isn’t always possible. So what do we do when those times come up? The perfect solution is pet boarding with your Aurora veterinarian!

What is a Pet Kennel?

A pet kennel is a place where you can take your animal to be looked after while you’re out of town. A kennel will feed and shelter your pet as well as make sure that it receives adequate play time. There are a few considerations you will want to make before selecting a kennel place for your pet. It can be checked out as well at your Aurora animal hospital.

  1. What are your pets special needs?

Do you have a dog that isn’t all that well socialized? Maybe a cat that spazzes out in unfamiliar environments? Cases like this need to be taken into account before selecting a kennel. Furthermore, make sure and talk to them about these circumstances with an Aurora vet before making a selection. Often times, places can accommodate your unique situation with some foresight.

  1. What sort of health and hygiene protocols do they follow?

It can be very easy for disease to spread if things are not clean and tidy. Whereas any Aurora vet location that houses various animals will not be perfect, any overbearing smell of urine or feces could be a problem as it could indicate a hygiene problem that isn’t addressed in a timely manner. It’s important that messes are cleaned up in a timely fashion to minimize the risk of disease transmission. Normally, animals with a disease will be quarantined, but sometimes diseases fly under the radar and aren’t discovered in time. Asking about these things at your Aurora veterinarian can help you better know the kennel you choose.

  1. What about possible alternatives to boarding?

For some pets, boarding might be either unnecessary or simply not possible. Cats can often times go with just a sitter to feed and change the litter box – like a trusted friend or relative. Dogs are a little more involved and you might want to have the sitter actually stay in your home as canines are on the whole more dependent for care. Check around at your Aurora vet clinic.

These tips can help a great deal in making a confident decision about your pet while you are away. It’s really important to do the right research to make sure that they are happy and healthy upon your return!

For more information about boarding your pet, check out your local Aurora vet clinic for details.

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