Controlling Your Dog’s Shedding

If you’re noticing a surplus of dog hair around your home recently, it may be time to address the problem. Try these steps as discussed by a Hinesville, GA veterinarian if you’d like to combat your dog’s shedding.

Great Diet

Did you know that your dog’s diet contributes substantially to their shedding? A poor diet leaves the skin and fur dry and dull, leading to increased shedding as a result. The right diet provides plenty of fatty acids to keep skin and fur healthy, cutting down on the fur that is shed.

Regular Grooming

Brush your dog regularly—this removes loose and dead fur from the coat, trapping it in your brush rather than allowing it to descend on your living room. The occasional bath with a canine-formulated shampoo can also help.

Veterinary Visit

If you still can’t get your dog’s shedding under control, visit your animal hospital Hinesville, GA for a professional opinion. Since various medical issues—parasites, infection, disease, etc.—could lead to an increase in shedding, you’ll want to have your dog examined. Even if no medical cause is found, your vet can advise you further on combating your dog’s shedding and getting your home clean again.

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