Coping with Pet Allergies

Dogs and cats are absolutely adorable. Very few people dispute this. Unfortunately, though, there are some of us who have very strong allergic reactions to pets. Here are some ways to help alleviate these issues. Check with your Colorado Springs vet for more information.


Make sure that you are cleaning up the hair your pet is shedding as often as possible. Having less of the airborne allergens will invariably help decrease the severity of the symptoms. Ask your Colorado Springs vet for the most efficient way.

Allergy Regimen

Many doctors now can offer certain treatments in order to get your body naturally able to defend against most allergies. These regimens take some time to take, but once they have caught, they will open you up to a whole new world of pet engagement! Ask your Colorado Springs vet if you have concerns about your pet’s allergens.

If you don’t already have a pet, remember that you can adopt one from a hypoallergenic breed, such as a poodle mix. These short-hair breeds tend not to shed as much and not produce as many histamines. For more information, contact your Colorado Springs vet.

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