Any child who grew up watching “101 Dalmatians” or saw a dalmatian in a fire station has probably wanted her very own. Is a dalmatian a good match for your family? Your keyword can help you decide.


Dalmatians are usually very energetic and outgoing dogs, so they can be a good match for children, but since they need lots of playtime, they may not be best for a very busy family. They are also friendly, so they often like other dogs. However, ask your keyword if adding another pet to your household is a good idea.


Dalmatians are very athletic. They can be great running or hiking partners. They typically don’t have many health problems, but still make sure to visit your keyword regularly!

Fire Dogs

Dalmatians have lived in fire stations since the days of horse-drawn wagons. They accompanied fire wagons to help protect the horses and keep them calm at the scene of a fire.

Dalmatians make great pets, but remember to consult with your vet clinic Indianapolis, IN before adopting a new pet.

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