Dealing with Your Dog’s Shedding

Are you noticing a lot of dog fur on your carpets and furniture lately? It’s time to deal with your dog’s shedding. Here, a Wake Forest, NC veterinarian tells you how.


Minimizing shedding starts with a high-quality diet. In fact, many shedding problems are resolved when a pet starts eating a nutritionally balanced food with the right amounts of fatty acids and other nutrients for proper skin and fur health. Talk to your vet to get a recommendation on a great dog food.


Regular grooming can do wonders for your dog’s shedding. Run a brush through the coat every day if necessary—not only will this remove loose and dead fur and trap it in the brush, preventing it from winding up on your floors, but it will spread essential skin oils through the fur, keeping it moisturized naturally and cutting down on shedding in the first place.

Veterinary Visit

If you still find that your dog’s shedding is out of control, it’s time to visit the vet. Various medical maladies, from parasites to infections, could be the root cause of excessive hair loss. Call your animal hospital Wake Forest, NC to make an appointment with the professionals.

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