Debunking Dog Myths

There are a lot of crazy ideas out there where dogs are concerned. We’re going to take some time today to debunk a few. For any questions about your dog, check with your Houston vet.

  1. A Little Table Food Doesn’t Hurt

The problem with this one is that dogs have to be very careful with what they consume. People eat some very calorie-dense foods with a good deal of spices and herbs which can be harmful to digestion. For more, check with your Houston vet.

  1. Dry Noses Mean Illness

Dogs have notoriously wet noses. And whereas it’s true that sometimes a dry nose can be an indicator of illness, it can also just be a dry nose. Check with your Houston vet to find out for sure.

  1. The dog in the Yard is Plenty of Exercise

Dogs require lots of exercise to maintain their health. Unfortunately, just letting them out in the yard usually isn’t enough. It’s important to take your dog for walks in order to make sure that there is some repetitive activity more than just small bursts in the year. For more, check with your vet west Houston.

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