Dental Care for Pocket Pets

Do you own a pocket pet like a hamster, guinea pig, rat, mouse, or gerbil? Like other animals, their dental health is extremely important. Learn how to keep your rodent pet’s pearly whites in peak condition by reading on below.

Dental Check

It’s easier said than done, but try to get a look inside your pet’s mouth every now and again. Check for broken or fractured teeth, misaligned teeth, redness, swelling, and bleeding. Let your Scottsdale, AZ veterinarian know right away if you find anything abnormal.

Quality Diet

Of course, feeding your rodent a quality diet will keep their oral health—and overall well-being—in tip-top shape. Most pocket pets require a commercial pellet diet supplemented with fresh fruits and veggies; contact your vet for specific diet recommendations for your pet.

Veterinary Visits

Preventative medicine is the best medicine! Schedule regular appointments at your vet’s office to have your pocket pet examined. Your veterinarian can check out the mouth and your pet’s overall condition; if a problem is found, it can be dealt with before any major issues develop.

Do you have more questions about your pocket pet’s dental health? Call your Animal hospital Scottsdale, AZ today for expert assistance!

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