How to Discipline Your Cat

No pet is perfect 100% of the time. How we as owners deal with this makes all the difference in the relationship that you two share. It is important to remain consistent to avoid confusion. For the best advice, check with your Colorado Springs vet clinic.

Be Kind

Don’t yell at your cat. Use a frustrated tone if necessary, but yelling at your cat will increase its anxiety and will likely be too much for it to handle.

Positive Reinforcement

Always remember that it’s always easier to attract flies with honey. Lessons also land far better with positive reinforcement. Praise and treats will help to establish good behavior patterns.

Last Resorts

Sometimes it’s necessary to physically move your cat if it’s misbehaving. Go ahead and pick up your cat and place it on the floor if it won’t stop clawing at the couch. Sometimes, even a light spray bottle with water can help.

If you feel like you’re at the end of your rope, talk to your Colorado Springs vet clinic for more tips and examples for disciplining your cat.


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