Do Pets Benefit from Probiotics?

You may have heard of probiotics, as they’re relatively popular in the human healthcare world. But can probiotics benefit our pets? Learn more about pets and probiotics in this article from a veterinarian London, ON.

What Are Probiotics?

A probiotic is a beneficial microbe (a bacteria or yeast) that lives in your pet’s intestinal tract. They keep the “bad” microbes at bay and help to digest food, banish pathogens, and manufacture vitamins and other nutrients.

Probiotics can be included in pet food, or it might come in a tablet or capsule form. Probiotics may also be infused into yogurt or kefir products.

What Are The Benefits for Pets?

Probiotics maintain the right microbial balance in your pet’s intestines. So, they’re usually prescribed to help with any type of health issue that leads to digestive problems. Probiotics might also help to relieve or manage infections and infestations, and they have even been shown to lower stress levels.

Does My Pet Need a Probiotic Supplement?

Check with your vet before giving your pet a probiotic. That way, you know your companion stays in good shape!

Want to know more about probiotics and your pet? Give your veterinary clinic London, ON a call.

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